New suite for end of life patients announced for Barrow's hospital

VISION An illustration of the new bereavement suite set to open at Furness General Hospital in October
VISION An illustration of the new bereavement suite set to open at Furness General Hospital in October
2 August 2016 3:44PM

A NEW suite is to be built at Barrow's hospital to allow dying patients the chance to spend precious time with their families in their final hours.

Described as a private "home-from-home" room, the bereavement suite at Furness General Hospital will be funded entirely from donations made to the Rosemere Cancer Foundation.

It is hoped work to create the new space on Ward Nine - the hospital's oncology unit - will begin later this month with the first patients able to benefit from it in October.

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FGH Ward Nine manager Michelle Mclaughlin said: "We are seeing more patients choosing to be nursed on Ward Nine as their preferred place of care when approaching end of life.

"As a result, we would like to be able to give patients the opportunity to receive their nursing in an end of life focused suite with a less clinical environment.

"It would give them the opportunity to feel they were in a ‘home from home’ and the individual space would also benefit their families and those closest to them," she added.

The new room is to be named The Maple Suite and will be created from a staff meeting room at a finished cost of £47,500.

Ms Mclaughlin added: "Thanks to

Rosemere, we now have the opportunity to benefit those who are most poorly."

The Rosemere Cancer Foundation uses its donations throughout south Cumbria and Lancashire to fund vital equipment, training and research not provided by the NHS, as well as some complimentary therapies.

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Anon   Anon , Barrow-In-Furness Wednesday, 03 August, 2016 at 7:29AM
Although I fully appreciated the need to have a specific end of life care suite, What I would like to know is why over £40,000 of charitable money is being spent on re-creating a facility that was already available on the specific inpatient oncology ward that the hospital decommissioned. I speak as a relative of somebody who had used this facility whilst my family member was in the last stages of life. It is disgusting that this specific overnight unit was closed in the first instance never mind to recreate what is already available due to the hospital trust deciding to close the existing unit for inpatients.
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