Furness group to take on fell challenge for charity

16 June 2017 2:06PM

A GROUP of charity walkers will take on 10 fells in 10 hours to raise money to fund research into a neurological condition.

Friends and members of the Furness Group of the MS Society UK will take part in the annual 10in10 Challenge in the Lake District next Saturday in aid of research into Multiple Sclerosis.

The LA14 Lakers will tackle a route of more than 16 miles which takes in the Newlands Valley. Hikers will head over Causey Pike, Sail, Crag Hill, Wandope, Whiteless Pike, High Snockrigg, Robinson, Dale Head, High Spy and Maiden Moor.

The team of 19 hikers is led by Dan Taylor, of Ulverston, who has MS and is a committee member of Furness Group of the MS Society UK.

The LA14 Lakers includes people from the Furness area and some from outside the area to assist with growing awareness.

The annual 10in10 challenge was designed and created by Yvonne Booth in 2011. It was her response to her husband Duncan’s diagnosis with MS in 2010.

Mr Taylor learnt about the 10in10 in the first year of his diagnosis with Relapsing Remitting MS in early 2015. The challenge forced him back out on the fells. This will be the 42-year-old's fourth 10in10 and the second time he has led a team in the event.

Mr Taylor said: "This is the second year that the Furness area are entering a team into the 10 in 10 with the same goal as last year; to raise money to support research and development which may make a difference to the lives of existing MS Sufferers and those still to be diagnosed.

"The 10 in 10 provides funding to scientists at Glasgow University who are at the cutting edge of research projects which seek to meet this aim."

Multiple Sclerosis is a condition which can affect the brain and, or spinal cord, causing a wide range of potential symptoms, including problems with vision, arm or leg movement, sensation or balance.

Mr Taylor said several members of the team have connections, such as loved ones who having the disease.

He said: "We'd appreciate any help you could provide to attempt to find a cure for this debilitating and unpredictable illness."

Donations can be made through JustGiving at https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/Daniel-Taylor45

The team members are;Rich Aljarrah, Dan Taylor, Michael Boyle, Adrian Brown, Rebekah Caine, Lee Wakefield, Mark Fidler, James Grimshaw, Ami Carr, Simon Kelly, Dan White, Jason Bibby, Anthony Munday, Ben Hood, Jack Preston, Craig Slater, Ross Davidson, Jo Gillespie, and Dave Evans.

A number of the hikers will also take on another fell walking challenge for the charity in September.

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