Family clean up home for third time after flash floods

13 September 2017 9:38PM

A FAMILY have had to clean up their home for the third time after heavy rain last night caused flash flooding.

Darren Steeley and Lorraine Steeley woke up to a complete mess in their backyard in Derby Street, Barrow.

Precious family belongings which were being stored in a garage following a family bereavement have been completely ruined.

Mr Steeley said: "We've lost all the photos and everything with sentimental value.

"We had no idea it was flooded until we got up this morning.

"The only way to stop it from flooding would be to brick the door up so high but I don't want to have to step over a load of bricks to get into the garage."

Mr and Mrs Steeley thought the back up of water was caused by the pumping station in Salthouse Road failing as this has happened to them and many others in the past.

United Utilities can confirm that all pumping stations in the area were working as they should have been last night, meaning the flooding was caused by the sheer volume of rainfall.

A spokesman for United Utilities said: "There was some flooding in Barrow last night after torrential rain temporarily overwhelmed sewers and highway drains.

"Our pumping stations were working at full capacity but, even so, the sheer volume of rain took some time to disperse.

"Our crews have been helping with the clean-up today where sewers backed up."

The Met Office recorded 27.8mm of rainfall on Walney.

Advice: How to deal with a flooded property

After floodwater has entered anyone's property it is essential to get rid of it properly and safely.

Before returning home after flooding has occurred, make sure it is safe to do so and it is worth getting an engineer to check the electrics are safe.

When cleaning away waste, protect yourself.

Wear protective clothing, e.g. waterproof jackets and trousers and rubber gloves.

Wash your hands in disinfectant if you have been in contact with floodwater.

Cover any open wounds with waterproof plasters.

Once the floodwater levels are low, use a bucket or pump to get rid of any that remains.

Disinfect all areas that have been contaminated.

To dry out the property use a dehumidifier and the central heating.

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