Barrow family launch fundraiser for life-changing surgery

10 August 2017 6:44PM

A YOUNG Barrow woman's future could be forever changed if enough money is raised to pay for life-changing surgery.

Vikki Black, 23, of Hartington Street, has endured a long and painful road after she was diagnosed with the rare condition, Fowler's Syndrome.

This illness affects the nervous system, causing partial or complete retention in the bladder. As a result Miss Black has been fitted with a catheter, however, this has left her at risk of frequent and incredibly painful kidney and bladder infections.

After years on a waiting list the family have decided to set up an online fundraiser to pay for a private operation. They are hopeful of raising the £13,000 needed, having received more than £2,000 in the first week of the campaign.

It's been very hard [for the family] but we try not to let that show for her sake

Patsy Black, the mother of Miss Black, said: "She's been waiting three years for this, obviously as time's gone on it's gotten her down. It's going to cause more problems the longer she has this on her kidney."

The operation, known as 'sacral nerve stimulation', removes the need for a catheter by reasserting muscular control over the bladder and pelvic muscles.

Miss Black is in hospital in Manchester fighting yet another serious infection. Her family, including her mum, dad Steve, and sisters Kayla and Chloe are hoping, if this operation is successful, she will be able live a pain-free life, and could pursue her dream career in health and safety.

Not deterred by her illness, Miss Black has been studying at home to become a health and safety specialist, recently attaining a Nebosh diploma.

In spite of Miss Black's near constant pain and regularly spending time in hospital, her family have been inspired by her bravery.

Her mother said: "People say she is inspirational; a lot of people say that to us. It's been very hard [for the family] but we try not to let that show for her sake. The more positive she is, we feel happier for her."

If you would like to read more about Miss Black's story, or donate to her fundraising page please visit

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