A toe-tapping trip down Furness dance school memory lane

10 January 2017 4:17PM

TODAY we take a toe-tapping trip down memory lane to see how our Furness dance schools rolled back in the late 1980s and mid 1990s.

It's no secret that the Barrow and Furness area loves its dance troupes. They are famous for their colourful carnival costumes and routines, and of course the annual fundraising shows.

We dug deep into the North-West Evening Mail photos archive to bring you a selection of dance show photos.

Were you one of the dancers in the D Kennedy and C Hart Dancetime show back in 1989? Of perhaps you were one of Fagin's band of ragamuffins alongside Louise Wells, as Artful Dodger, and Michelle Larcombe, as Oliver, in the Charnley Dance School production of That's Entertainment also in 1989?

Can you spot yourself, a family member or friend among this collection of photos ?

If you can let us know on our North-West Evening Mail Facebook page or by commenting on the story online.

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