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Sunday, 26 April 2015

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Barrow dad wanted to spend drug profits on Christmas gifts

A FATHER-OF-TWO took to growing cannabis in a bid to give his children a Christmas to remember.

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Give the lad a break!

Posted by Me on 5 January 2013 at 19:46

Any benefit he claimed while being a "drugs dealer" should be returned to the relevent agency as he earning an income. He cant be claiming sickness benefit (as he is well enough to work), or JCP (he had a job). It may be an illegal job, but he should not be on benefit. No doubt tax payers are also paying for his accommodation as well where this illegal activity was occuring.
People who clearly break the law and are claiming benefit should have the option of being paid in currancy removed. They should be isssed with vouchers, so they limited to spending their "benefit" on food etc and not have the option to be able to spend it on buying drug paraphanalia, alcohol, tobacco or tattoos. This individual would surely agree as it would ensure his "benefit" would be used on his children which is why he said he was committing this crime. I feel sorry for the children who are a generation growing up thinking this is how to behave. Best thing you can do for these kids is get them out of the benefit trap and get a job so they have a positive make role model in their lives.
Put some money back into the system that pays for you to exist.
Stop being a victim and do something to make your kids proud instead of being embarrassed by you.

Posted by Fed up tax payer on 7 December 2012 at 13:18

above comments are all fair and well but you dont know the half of it, the lad smokes..who doesnt? after all said and done its better than him trying to sell crack and smack so at the end of the day he is trying to provide a better xmas for his family and hes doing whateva must be done to ensure that. the law needs to get a grip and legalise it asap, i bet if uk had same laws the dutch have there wouldnt be much winging hookers right down cornwallis street with smoke bars, everyone would be chilling enjoying life instead of burgaling everyone.

Posted by purple haze on 6 December 2012 at 15:54

I could not agree more Colin. What a joke, to many people use their kids to get lesser sentances. What next will he get them to sell it in school and say we were saving for a family holiday so it makes it ok?

Posted by Mark on 6 December 2012 at 13:16

what a poor excuse `presents for Christmas` what sort of judges have we, gullible comes to mind after believing his excuse,,,,,, sack the judge and get someone who is really in touch with reality,,,,,

Posted by Colin Walker on 6 December 2012 at 04:00

Every single day, hundreds of thousands of people are just one harvest away from retirement.

Due to prohibition, cheap growing equipment, and a few seeds from friends (or ordered over the internet), it's now possible to grow a whole retirement fund in just 12 weeks. Why are we wasting our precious resources on a futile attempt at trying to prevent the impossible? Who gains? Everywhere I go, I come across people discussing their latest growing techniques or swapping recipes for pest control. I get shown more indoor marijuana gardens than holiday photos. So why are there still so many people buying into the dangerous and failed farce of Prohibition?

It's not even possible to keep drugs out of prisons but prohibitionists wish to continue wasting trillions more in an utterly futile attempt to keep them off our streets —what are they actually smoking?

Posted by malcolm kyle on 5 December 2012 at 17:13

a slap on the wrist for someone who has already been inside.
if it was a normal working man who contributes to the governments coffers then he would have probably been given a stretch.
the courts are a joke, everyone slags the police but they did their joke by catching this scumbag and the courts have let everyone down.
total joke.

Posted by a tax payer on 4 December 2012 at 22:58

I work Full Time, and my partner Part-time and we cant afford £250 for our 2 children for christmas!

Maybe i should start growning drugs if i just get a slap on the wrists!

Posted by Michael on 4 December 2012 at 19:05

I wonder in a bid to give this mans children a christmas to remember, Just how many people who could,have been affected by His actions, would have also had a christmas to remember, but for all the wrong reasons? Drugs are not a victim less crime, especially when your dealing in peoples misery, there is always a victim, somewhere along the line!!

Posted by Wally! on 4 December 2012 at 18:45

The £250 he spent on equipment to grow drugs would have been more than enough to give his children a fantastic Christmas! spend what you have, the kids will be happy as long as they have something to open, especially as they are only young. I have set a budget per child this year and that is what they are getting.

Posted by Sarah on 4 December 2012 at 17:22

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