Tourist attraction set to benefit from £1m cash boost

Lowther Castle has vowed to spend £1m to help restore it to its former glory
Lowther Castle has vowed to spend £1m to help restore it to its former glory
31 March 2017 10:17AM

A LEADING tourist attraction has vowed to spend a million pounds to restore its historic site to its former glory.

The Lowther Estate has pledged to invest £1m over the next year as part of its 25-year-plan to restore the castle and re-discover its gardens after 70 years of abandonment.

A further £2m has been earmarked by the Lowther estate to help maintain and develop the castle in the future.

Jim Lowther, chairman of Lowther Estates Trust said: “We have ambitious plans for Lowther Castle. We’re on track to create a remarkable and visionary destination for Cumbria.

"Lowther Castle is not only safe and secure for the present generation, it will continue to delight and inspire future generations.”

Ambitious plans are in place to revive and expand the gardens of Lowther Castle to become a centre of horticultural excellence in the North.

This summer sees the investment of £250,000 in an extraordinary woodland children’s play area that will enchant children from near and far.

Plans are in place to establish a Rose Garden designed by internationally acclaimed gardener Dan Pearson in 2017.

A new exhibition telling the compelling story of the history of Lowther Castle featuring previously unseen parts of the castle collection will open in Easter 2017.

The estate will also provide access to Lowther Park ensuring wider public access to the estate, benefiting local visitors and opening the region further to wider tourism markets.

Plans are under consideration for the introduction of cycle trails throughout the estate.

The investment not only secures the future of the Castle but will fulfil the ambitious vision of the Trust to restore and resurrect the centuries-old gardens, creating a world class garden attraction.

Bryan Gray, chairman of the Lowther Castle and Gardens Trust said: “In the short space of 8 years, the Lowther Castle & Gardens Trust, in partnership with the Lowther Estate have restored the Castle ruin saving a building of significant architectural importance for North Cumbria and the nation.”

Over the last three years we have welcomed 100,000 visitors, and achieved our objective of creating a visitor attraction of national significance. In so doing we have brought pleasure to many, provided employment, and benefitted the economy of Eden and Cumbria. We could not have done this without the support of the Lowther family, who themselves have invested £2 million pounds in the project over the last decade.

“The trustees have always strived to achieve a long-term sustainable future for the castle, and the promise of continued significant long term investment from the Lowther Estate Trust will ensure not only the future of the Castle, but will continue to develop the vision for the benefit of Cumbria."

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