New Copeland MP hits the ground running at parliament

1 March 2017 4:17PM

COPELAND'S new MP has enjoyed a "whirlwind" first day in parliament.

Trudy Harrison, who won the historic borough by-election last week, spent Monday getting to grips with her new Westminster surroundings before launching straight into "meetings galore".

"It's all been a bit manic," said Mrs Harrison, 40, whose Conservative victory by a 2,147 majority ended Labour's 80-year-plus grip on the seat. "I'm conscious that people have put their faith in me and I want to come home this Friday – and every Friday – with early results."

On her arrival at the House of Commons on Monday afternoon, Mrs Harrison, from Bootle, was introduced to the Conservatives' chief whip Gavin Williamson, and other parliamentary officials, before taking a tour of its historic halls.

"It's going to take some time to learn my way around," Mrs Harrison added.

"My new office is on the fifth floor of the Norman Shaw north building, which is quite a bit away from the voting chambers.

"So when the bells go and you have eight minutes to get into the chambers to vote, I'll have to run like the clappers!

"I've decided to stay in a hotel in Westminster at the moment; I'll have enough work to do without the extra worry of maintaining a flat."

Mrs Harrison said she plans to hold drop-in surgeries, in different towns on a rolling basis, every Friday.

The new MP used her victory speech in the early hours of Friday morning to pledge to be a "strong, confident voice in parliament and a true champion for this area".

She added that she plans early meetings with ministers to help deliver her pre-election six-point plan for the borough, including securing Moorside, protecting jobs and making a success of Brexit.

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Dorothy   Bowe , Silecroft Wednesday, 01 March, 2017 at 3:38PM
Go for it Trudy. I am sure you will try your best to show the other M.P's that we need some investment in this area and you will not let them forget us.
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