Group of youngsters rescued after getting stuck in the mud at Askam beach

19 June 2017 4:33PM

FOUR boys had to be rescued by coastguard and inshore rescue volunteers after they got stuck in the mud near Askam.

Teams from Furness Coastguard and Duddon Inshore Rescue were called out yesterday at 5.38pm to reports of four people stuck in the mud off Dunnerholme Golf Club in Askam.

Duddon's inshore lifeboat was launched within minutes and found the four persons cut off by the 7.6m tide.

They were brought back to Duddon Inshore Boathouse where they were checked over and spoken to about the dangers of the sands.

A spokesman for Furness Coastguard said: "We would like to thank Dunnerholme Golf Club for access to the beach and the first informant for calling 999 and requesting the coastguard."

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