Biker saved from sticky situation at Askam pier

Off road: The motor-cross bike pictured after the incident at Askam pier
Off road: The motor-cross bike pictured after the incident at Askam pier
9 March 2017 3:22PM

A BIKER minutes from being caught in the quickly rising tide had to be rescued after getting stuck in mud.

Furness Coastguard were called at 7.44am this morning following reports of a male stuck up to his waist in mud after falling off his motor-cross bike near Askam pier.

The team quickly responded and were on scene just as the man had assistance from a friend to escape from the mud and the tide.

The team were checking the casualty over for any injuries sustained when the tide quickly rose and filled the gully within minutes.

He was then handed over to the care of North West Ambulance Service.

Duddon Inshore Rescue were also called out and helped in the recovery of the bike.

Furness Coastguard said: "The person stuck raised the alarm quickly and we are thankful of this."

"With help he just managed to escape but any delay to calling 999 and asking for the coastguard could have had a different outcome.

"We would rather be called and stood down than called too late."

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Dave   S , UK Friday, 10 March, 2017 at 8:29AM
What a complete and utter idiot. Menace to society off-road bikers. Destroying our countryside and going to places they should not, just like here in this news report.
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