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Thursday, 24 April 2014

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WRITE: Bill Myers, Memories, Evening Mail, Abbey Road, Barrow, LA14 5QS.
PHONE: You can speak to reporter Bill Myers or leave messages on 01229 773525.
EMAIL: bill.myers@cnmedia.co.uk

Inside secret world of the tank recruits


TWO men buried in the Barrow cemetery were part of the secretive world of the tank crews in the First World War.

Pioneers took music to the hospital wards


WE are taking a look back 50 years to the work of a few enthusiasts for music and sound recording whose work gave rise to hospital radio in Furness.

Eggs and eagles in the Easter of 1989


EASTER 25 years ago was not a great time for eggs.

Early town’s dark days of riot shame


THE worst scenes of violence in the history of the new and growing town of Barrow were witnessed 150 years ago today.

Early hill walk to get the Easter message


EASTER is often remembered for bleak weather – just as we are all geared up for a day at the beach or a walk in the fells.

A photographic tour of Barrow 50 years ago


MUCH has changed since this group of pictures was taken in Barrow and Walney in the 1960s.

Empty beer crate used for Easter communion


BARROW Island vicar, the Reverend John Smythe, had an unusual approach to Easter Monday 50 years ago.

No cash, no fun and full of cold - army camp life


WALNEY had been used as a training place for territorial soldiers and gunnery practice long before the First World War and already had Fort Walney, near Biggar Bank.

Key link from Furness to the outside world


FORMER Barrow-based engineer Philip Grosse held a launch evening on Friday afternoon for his new book on The Railways of Carnforth.

Barrow hosts major march


RELATIONS between the UK and the Irish Republic have mellowed considerably since a major march though the streets of Barrow 25 years ago.

New church getting its finishing touches


FIFTY years ago the final touches were being made to the decorative features in the new St Luke’s Church, Barrow.

Finding bravery in a unexpected places


AN OUTSTANDING tale of bravery on Cumbria’s coastal railway emerges from a new book looking as some of the nation’s smallest halts.

Choir in fine voice at birth of a new school


TODAY’S Evening Mail archive pictures show some key dates in the life of the Grange Church of England Primary School.

Pioneers took pop skill to the far side of globe


THE discovery of century-old bottles under the floor of what is now the base for the Jehovah’s Witnesses in Millom has drawn attention to the globe-trotting Sharpe Brothers.

Getting the message for just a halfpenny


NOT so very long ago you used to be able to tell from a postmark where your mail had come from before opening it.

When railway life starts with a shovel at 4am


THERE was a time when nearly every family in the county had someone working on the railways.

Major losses on bus routes


THERE was trouble on the buses 40 years ago as Barrow Corporation wanted to put up fares and revealed huge losses on country bus routes.

Lakes passion for the man of 1,000 paintings


IF you own a painting by Sydney Buckley then you are in good company as the Cartmel artist produced more than 1,000 of them.

Plans to make bay a lake for city’s water


THERE have been grand plans to link both sides of Morecambe Bay with a bridge or barrage for the best part of 200 years.

Dancing to Euro championships


BACK in January we featured pictures of a young Barrow couple just starting out as serious dance competitors.

When village folk ran their own co-op stores


VILLAGE shops are something of a rarity these days but in Victorian times people got together and did something about it.

Sporting Barrow vicar got stern ticking-off from police


RON Baxter, of Glenridding Drive, Barrow, takes a look at childhood fun and games in the late 1940s.

Stories from Barrow era of iron and steel


TODAY we are looking at two very different aspects of the iron and steel industry in Barrow.

History revealed by tides and pruning


ROUGH tides and pruning have uncovered some hidden aspects of history on the former Hodbarrow iron mines sites at Millom.

When smoking cost just a few pennies


AS today is No Smoking Day held by the British Heart Foundation we are taking a look at how attitudes to tobacco have changed through the decades.

Bringing in the cash to open our hospice


ST Mary’s Hospice has started celebrations for its 25th anniversary year in style with a topping out ceremony last week for a new building on the Ford Park site.

Building a pavilion, houses and bunkers


TODAY we conclude the Millom memories of Colin Johnson who was born in Nelson Street in 1942.

Town’s role on both sides of the debate over slavery


We are here to look at some of the individuals from South Cumbria who played a direct role in the slave trade – as captains of slave ships or of ships taking trade goods to and from the plantations, of agents based overseas and of plantation owners.

Charging into danger


RUSSIAN military intervention into the eastern Ukraine territory of the Crimea has put that part of the world back in the headlines for the first time in 160 years.

Builders gave leaky Dalton castle a longer life


TODAY we feature some pictures of Dalton Castle which were taken by photographer Roy Chatfield, from Barrow, before the historic structure had a major overhaul 25 years ago.

Putting faces to past presidents of Rotary


The Rotary Club of Barrow has been serving the local community, and those further afield, since 1932.

Fourpence a pound to pick wild rose hips


TODAY we continue the Millom memories of Colin Johnson, who was born in Nelson Street in 1942.

Otters and soldiers splashed in canal


THE £50 reward which was announced in Tuesday’s Evening Mail for an authentic picture of an otter in Ulverston Canal struck a chord with Joe Taylor.

Not keen to go after 51 years of graft


WHEN work started on a new breed of nuclear missile submarines at Vickers in 1964 it also marked the end of the long shipyard career of Joe Gormley.

History of top shows on basement walls


WE are taking a look at some of the big-name acts to have appeared at Barrow Civic Hall from the 1970s to around 1990.

Holiday base in a vintage fishing boat


TODAY we are taking a look at the story behind the fishing boat which once provided holidays next to Millom pier.

Snatched pleasures in the tough times of war


SIMPLY enjoyment at the beach, teenage fun in a crowded Barrow Public Park and the hardships of war are all woven into a new historical novel.

Carefree days before nations went to war


WHEN these young men posed with their trophy outside Barrow Town Hall in 1913 they could have had no idea that war was to change their lives a year later.

Historic site needs a new lease of life


THE long-term future of one of the most important industrial sites in the county comes under the spotlight next week.

When steam giants were regular visitors


IN the late 1970s and early 1980s the A4 Pacific steam locomotive Sir Nigel Gresley was a regular sight on the rail line through Furness and Millom.

Ladders offer route from flooded school


CLIMATE change might be a fairly recent buzzword for scientists and politicians but extreme weather has always been with us.

Barrow’s long links with the paper trade


WE tend to associate the production of paper with the Kimberley-Clark plant in Park Road but the town has much longer links with this international trade.

Silent tribute paid to Barrow defender


BARROW Civic and Local History Society members held a one-minute silence at their annual meeting in memory of founding member Alice Leach.

Playing kick the can in Millom back streets


THESE memories of a childhood in Millom were written by Colin Johnson and have been provided by his widow Janet from, Silecroft.

Fire crew links to be cast aside after 139 years


FOR the first time since 1874 Dalton is about to be left without its own team of firefighters as part of Cumbria County Council budget cuts.

Vital rail link from mines to furnaces


AN important but almost forgotten part of the industrial past of Furness was explored during a talk held at Carnforth’s County Hotel.

First aid chief took a turn as village mayor


AFTER telling the story behind the selection of the mayors of Newbarns, (Memories, January 17) we are now able to provide some detail about one of the Barrow men who wore the chains of office.

Book’s new insight on island RAF role


AN important part of the complex jigsaw about what Furness did during the Second World War is told in a new book.

Your help is needed in centenary events


THE Coronation Hall at Ulverston has been at the heart of community events and celebrations for almost a century.

Time to recall days at Barrow school


THIS summer a quarter-century will have passed since the Class of ‘89 left Barrow’s Alfred Barrow School.

Time for having a party in the street


WE turn the clock back to the summer of 1977 for this fun set of pictures showing celebrations at Derby Street, Barrow, for the Queen’s silver jubilee.

Life before the flood defences were built


IN May it will be 20 years since the £2.5m Haverigg Flood Defence Scheme was officially opened by the Copeland MP Jack Cunningham.

Tides take their toll on estuary landscape


MILLOM author Allan Hodgson takes a look back to childhood days at the area around the old Hodbarrow houses and limestone windmill stump at the Rocks which formed part of an extensive area of iron ore mining up to the 1960s.

Looking back on 60 years of lake uses


A PROJECT aims to find out how the waters of our lakes have changed in the past 60 years.

Young stars putting on the school shows


MANY readers will be able to look back on their first – and quite possibly only – experience of public performance in a school play.

Walking across the county to entertain


The emergence of professional entertainment in Barrow from a long tradition of travelling players in Furness was explored by local historian Dr Alan Crosby in a study day held at Lancaster University.

Dalton’s prospects as a new capital for oil


DALTON almost became a pioneer in the extraction of fuel from shale decades before fracking was heard of.

Golden memories of Barrow’s newest school


IF things had turned out differently, Thorncliffe School, Barrow, would be busy in celebrations for its golden anniversary – rather than facing the prospect of demolition.

End of silver screen at the old Coliseum


FIFTY years ago the final curtain came down on film and theatrical shows at the Coliseum cinema on the corner of Abbey Road and Rawlinson Street, Barrow.

Towns competed to be biggest and best


THE arrival of industry in the north west created new towns and newly-wealthy families keen to make their mark on society.

Looking back on a career in Barrow parks


A MAN who did much to maintain the quality of Barrow’s public spaces is celebrating his 80th birthday today.

Club gave social life to wives of yard staff


TOMORROW Scots all over the world will be celebrating Burns’ Night with traditional food and music.

A first class ticket to Never Never Land


THE South Cumbrian pantomime season continues with Cinderella at Ulverston’s Coronation Hall from tomorrow night until Saturday so we have turned the clock back 25 years ago to see what shone theatrical light on the winter gloom.

Reminder of a golden age of Barrow built luxury liners


THE age of cruise liner construction at Barrow is long past but the names of some of the great ships built here still resonate around the globe.

Crane loco a marvel of the industrial age


WE go back to the 1960s for these pictures of iron workers at Millom.

Chance to join tours in centenary year


A CENTURY has softened the rough edges left by the First World War in France and Belgium but has not diminished the power of its battlefields, cemeteries and memorials.

The view is superb if you like the high life


WHEN one of the tallest buildings in Barrow had lost its Victorian crowning glory – blown down in major storms a quarter-century ago – it was new techniques which came to the rescue.

Watch the elephants all arriving by train


IN this electronic age we tend to get most of our entertainment at home and sitting in front of a screen or computer monitor but once fun arrived in wagons or in railway carriages.

Wonder mixture has fat just melting away


THE scientific approach to medicine has seen huge breakthroughs in the treatments available but there have always been those willing to try something different.

Bells and rattles at the Salvation Army


GETTING a big crowd for a religious service has never been an easy task.

Making the right dance floor moves


BARROW’S Hairy Biker Dave Myers has become our best-known dancer from his TV appearances on the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing but the town has a long tradition of producing competition dancers.

Poet born when 3d got night at movies


THIS week marks a century since the birth of Millom poet Norman Nicholson and the Memories Page has been finding out a little more about his life at the Barrow Local Studies Library and Archive.

Looking back on happy school days


WE are going back to the early 1980s for this set of pictures featuring staff and pupils from the Church Walk Infant School, Ulverston.

Woman casualty the focus of Cumbria village study


NELLIE Taylor is the sole woman named on the Grasmere war memorial as a casualty of the First World War.

Moving out to make room for a royal visit


WE seldom get to hear about the large army of domestic helpers who kept country mansions and large town houses functioning in the days before convenience food and electric labour-saving devices.

From a record shop to recording for BBC


THESE archive shots feature the Barrow singer Jo Grogan who was making her name in the 1960s.

Time for some fun with the white stuff


WE have had just about enough of the gales and rain this winter – but would a few inches of snow be any better?

Names of fallen remembered in the mountains


NEXT time you climb Great Gable, or cast a glance in its direction, spare a thought for a Barrovian and an Ulverston man whose names are among 20 on a bronze tablet of walkers and climbers killed in the First World War.

Old Barrow school makes an island paradise


THE panto Snow White has been bringing the festive spirit to Barrow crowds this year but 25 years ago the fun was provided by Robinson Crusoe Castaways.

World made Ruskin a grumpy old man


IT is interesting to know what outsiders think of our well-known people and places – and it seems one writer more than a century ago thought Coniston’s John Ruskin was the original grumpy old man.

We’re all going to party like its 1988


END of term parties and festive plays feature in this group of Evening Mail archive pictures from 25 years ago.

Names found for some of Barrow’s men of steel


PLENTY of readers got in touch by phone and email to help identify some of the long-serving staff members at Barrow Steelworks and the Wireworks (Memories Page, December 16).

Delivering festive greetings anywhere for half a penny


NO matter how well chosen your Christmas cards were this year, they are never likely to be worth £4,200.

Hovercraft took just 100 seconds to cross estuary from Millom to Askam


NEXT time you drive from Millom to Askam in around 30 minutes consider what it would be like to ride above the waves on a cushion of air – and cover the distance in 100 seconds.

Names found for Barrow swim events presentation


WE have had some success at working out what was taking place in this Barrow baths presentation picture from around 1949.

The most traditional of Lakes country sports


THE sport of Cumberland and Westmorland wrestling is among the most traditional in the Lake District.

Swimming to safety after an Orchard raid


THE old Wesleyan Methodist Church found in Silver Lane, Sparkbridge, was opened in 1863 and closed in 1999.

A time of festive power cuts and fuel shortages


WHEN our politicians claim that the British economy is not doing so badly they may have a point – especially when our “tough times” are compared with 40 years ago.

Stores heap praise on young Cumbria designers


SOME of the top names in the British interior design industry had high praise for Kirkby youngsters 25 years ago.

Barrow job needed a good head for heights


HUGH Bannister was mayor of Barrow from 1963 to 1964 and among the many ceremonial duties he was called on to perform was the traditional topping out ceremony for one of the town’s taller buildings.

Search for details of a silver swim trophy


WE are hoping readers may know more about this picture of a silver trophy being presented to the Barrow swimmer Norma Williams around 1949.

Latest diesel engine took part in Barrow parade


THIS previously unseen set of pictures come from Barrow’s 1955 carnival parade.

Names found for pair of meat trade workers


WE had lots of letters, calls and emails which provided names for the Ulverston meat trade workers who featured on the Memories Page (November 23).

Silver trowel and first outing of soldiers for school’s birth


THE Memories Page turns its attention to Newton Primary School, near Dalton, after teacher Lisa Fell asked if more could be found out about a set of fascinating old pictures.

Seeking links with a musical Bassett


TODAY’S pictures have come all the way from Canada and show the Barrow end of the Bassett family.

Dalton fancy dress pupils bring in the money


WASPS and teddy bears mixed with tennis players and the Girls of St Trinian’s in a fancy dress charity event held at Dowdales School in Dalton 25 years ago.

Putting vintage Lake District railway world into the picture


THE vintage railway images we see on postcards, or in books and magazines are the work of a small band of keen enthusiasts who often combined Lake District holidays with the chance to do some train spotting through a camera lens.

Not a hair out of place in 1988


WE are taking a look at the cutting-edge fashions and hair styles of 25 years ago in this set of Evening Mail archive pictures.

Quarry gangs look to strike a bargain


THE Lakeland fells once shook with the sound of explosives as dozens of quarries looked for roof slate and other valuable building stones.

Book appeal reveals set of new family links


MILLOM-BORN author Allan Hodgson got more than he bargained for when making an appeal for the names of Hodbarrow mines workers on the Memories Page.

Museum reflecting traditional yard life


WALKING round the Dockyard Apprentice Exhibition at the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, you are struck by how similar the experience must have been at Barrow.

Church tower needs help after 650 years


THE tower at Aldingham Church has taken the worst the weather can throw at it for more than 650 years – but is now in need of a big helping hand.

When the Barrow streets fell silent for Poppy Day


WHEN these pictures were taken of Poppy Day parades in Barrow during the early 1920s the emotions of wartime losses were still raw.

Daring tale of war hero teaches new generation


A NEW generation will find out about the exploits of a Barrow sailor who attacked enemy shipping as a human torpedo and won one of the nation’s top gallantry awards.

History diggers have a record-breaking year


THE busiest year on record for archaeology in the Lakes and West Cumbria has been described at a talks day held on Sunday.

Barrow memorial back after 50 years in a garage


A MEMORIAL plaque to the wartime sacrifice of members from the old Vickers Sports Club is proudly back on display after being stored in a garage for up to 50 years.

Attempt to tell history of everything in 20 parts


BACK in 1870 a bold venture was started – to tell the story of Furness through the centuries in a monthly magazine.

Looking back on 60 years at Millom school site


WE are looking back 60 years to school days at Lapstone Road, Millom.

Last survivor from greatest of sea rescues


Capt Stokes, local secretary to the Royal National Lifeboat Institution, drew attention to the presence in Barrow of omeone supposed to be the last survivor of the SS Forfarshire in a letter to the Barrow News in Sept 1888.

A taste of history at Cumbria village hall supper


YOU can find out about some of the people who lived and worked in the villages surrounding Millom at a local history night.

Workers all moved to a familiar style of living


THE Scottish shipyard workers who poured into Barrow for new jobs in the 1870s and 1880s must have thought they had found a home from home.

Pop-up museum will open for single day


THERE will be a pop-up museum in Barrow’s Forum tomorrow to mark the last day of the Evening Mail’s 115th birthday exhibition.

Pupils get to sample stocking factory life


WHEN these pictures were taken in the late 1970s the idea of individual work placements was very much in its infancy.

Millom mines bought up to secure iron supply


WHEN the furnaces at Millom Ironworks got into full production by 1867 its managers must have expected an easy time in getting supplies of iron ore.

Chance to see how bricks are made


WE take the humble brick for granted but millions of them were needed to build Barrow and its surrounding industrial villages and towns from the middle of the 19th century.

All the best gossip in long queues for food


GROWING up in wartime was full of new sights and experiences.

Railway speed quest to north is not new


THE arguments over how to link northern England and Scotland to London by rail have raged since Victorian times – and show no signs of abating.

Spotlight on Lakes lace, art and poetry


A MILLOM poet, a rare Furness Viking treasure and an industry born at Coniston are among South Cumbrian topics due to be explored at Carlisle’s Tullie House.

Glittering silver shield being offered to town


IN the days before paramedics and helicopter rescues most factories, mines and railways established their own ambulance teams.

Reminder in oils of a Barrow ship on the sea bottom


A VICTORIAN oil painting of a Barrow liner which lies at the bottom of the ocean off Australia is being sold atauction.

Picnic season starts with egg-rolling fun


OUR glorious summer has provided us with plenty of opportunities for eating in the great outdoors.

Chance to discover role of water power


THEY say that history is being made all around us and that has certainly been true on Askam beach where tidal action has uncovered traces of the mining industry.

When shipyard’s cranes dominated Barrow skyline


EVERY spare space seems to have a South Cumbrian painting on it as Furness Auctions gets ready for an antiques sale tomorrow.

Top of the tree in home comfort


WHEN buying antique furniture for investment the standard advice is to buy the best you can afford and always go for design classics.

Study in a new technology age in Barrow


IN Saturday’s Memories we told the story of the 30 schools which took part in the Schools Technology Showcase in July 1992.

Making sweet music through the decades


PEOPLE had to make their own fun in the days before mass ownership of radios, television sets and other methods of electronic entertainment.

Welcome to cyclists next to saddle maker


TWO forms of transport were welcome at neighbouring properties in Broughton when this picture was taken around 100 years ago.

Must be thousands of reasons to explore


THE National Railway Museum at York is famed for its giant steam locomotives – including the Coppernob which used to be on display at Barrow station.

Barrow built passenger ships' decks were bristling with big guns


TODAY we feature the double life of the Barrow-built Queen of Bermuda – as luxury liner and as a warship.

Barrow mum’s tragic choice to keep children safe


MORE information has emerged about the tragic circumstances of Barrow’s first death during bombing raids in the Second World War.

The life and times of Barrow’s early centre


MUCH has changed in the 60 years since Ray Hewson left Barrow’s Strand but little of it has escaped his attention.

Spotlight on start and finish of career of Ulverston born Stan Laurel


ULVERSTON comic and movie star Stan Laurel features in events hundreds of miles apart next month.

Millom’s ancient and modern aspects seen


SATURDAY’S drizzle did not deter 21 members and guests from the Cumberland and Westmorland Antiquarian and Archaeological Society from making a full-day tour of Millom.

Holiday snaps record fun in Lakeland fells


PEOPLE have been busy exploring the fells and valleys of the Coniston area for decades and our pictures today are from a holiday taken between July and August in 1935.

New home fought for relics of war casualty


A FORMER Dalton man is hoping to find any South Cumbrian relatives of a soldier who died in the First World War.

Learning the skills to save life in the mines


BEFORE paramedics and the air ambulance, the burden of dealing with most industrial accidents lay with the closest GP or workplace volunteers.

Vintage look is popular in sales


A QUALITY piece of furniture can last you a lifetime – and possibly a good deal longer.

Barrow gets visit by a pioneer of the skies


WHILE the daring exploits of fighter pilots in the First World War put the new aeroplanes into the headlines it was not until the 1920s thatmembers of the Barrow public got to see them up close.

New lease of life for an ex-army vehicle


AMONG the biggest boosts to the commercial vehicle industry came from the ending of the two world wars.

A deadly harvest left over from war


THE Second World War might have ended in 1945 but the fields, fells and beaches of South Cumbria still produced a harvest of dangerous relics from the long conflict.

Chance to tour site of historic Cumbria furnace


THERE is a rare chance this weekend to tour a historic iron furnace and see how it is being gradually restored.

Bridge blaze meant trains arrived by boat


BACK in 1970 a bridge blaze resulted in railway locomotives being a very unlikely arrival at the Barrow docks.

Mysterious link to Furness gold quest


MANY millions of tons of hematite iron ore have been dug from under Furness – but no gold.

Fire and vandalism took toll on Ulverston mansion


AFTER standing empty for almost 10 years the historic Stone Cross mansion at Ulverston has a chance of a new life.

Millom church mission hall cost £1,100 to build


ST George’s Hall, in Lapstone Road, Millom, might soon be up for sale so we are turning the clock back more almost 120 years to the day the foundation stone was laid.

Tropical conditions for biggest show of 1936


WE go back to the Barrow parade of 1936 with this pair of pictures.

Millom hosts events to celebrate its heritage


A SERIES of talks, displays and the chance to visit historic buildings is being held from September 12 to 15 in and around Millom.

Try some of the best from a million pages


IF any of our readers had lived long enough to have seen every edition of the Evening Mail in its 115-year history they could have enjoyed close to a million pages of news, story and features.

Trophy time at Millom and Broughton Show


AS today’s Millom and Broughton Show gets underway we take a look back 25 years through the Evening Mail archives to some of the champions of 1988.

Medieval water skill sent power to mill


THE grounds of Furness Abbey should be packed with people tomorrow for a medieval fair.

No easy life with your posser and dolly tub


THE picture (Memories, August 21) of a traditional Edwardian washing day at Cark prompted Carole Lamb to write in with memories of water boilers and dolly tubs.

High hopes for ship ended in destruction


WHAT could have been the Dock Museum’s largest and most impressive exhibit arrived in Barrow 25 years ago – before the new visitor attraction had even been opened.

Two names needed for Millom miners needed for new book


AN author is looking for help from Memories Page readers in identifying two workers featured on a picture at a Millom mine.

Plenty of suggestions for mystery workers


WE have had plenty of suggestions for names on this mystery picture and where they were working – but little agreement.

Postcards brought news in pictures


IN the Edwardian era getting a real picture into a newspaper was a slow, expensive and technical challenge.

All in a spin when it comes to washing day


IT used to be said that a woman’s work was never done – and that is amply demonstrated by the wash day picture at the top of the page.

Crowds came to see first driver in action


WE are looking at the early days of motoring today through the experiences of a man who claimed to be Barrow’s first car driver.

What came after the end of an iron age?


WE are hoping that a Memories Page reader might spot a relative on this picture, or offer a suggestion as to what activity is being carried out.

Fields of endeavour for Barrow grammar school


FORMER pupils at the Barrow Grammar School for Boys will hardly believe the changes which have taken place in the last few months on the site of what became Parkview School and will shortly become the single base for Furness Academy.

Postcards brought news in pictures


IN the Edwardian era getting a real picture into a newspaper was a slow, expensive and technical challenge.

Relic from old Barrow hotel is identified


AN elaborate glass display window which came out of a James Thompson pub in Barrow (Memories July 19) has been identified.

Superb long service record might never be exceeded


FORTY years ago work was being carried out on the latest nuclear-powered submarine for the Royal Navy.

Fresh feel of chilled Barrow water


AS this is the time of year for splashing about in the tide, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to show you these pictures by Barrow photographer Roy Chatfield.

Key role of Windermere lake in birth of aviation


THE story of pioneer aviators on Windermere features in a display being staged at the Carnforth Station Heritage Centre by the Solway Aviation Museum.

Grafting in Lake District tunnels too small for adults


IT is hard to imagine that mining took place in the Lakeland hills up to 4,000 years ago because so little has survived of the story.

A reunion for ship pals after 40 years


A BARROW sailor who last met his former shipmate 40 years ago has held a reunion in Australia.

Opening ceremony is gatecrashed by cows


THE fun and games when Urswick got its new Co-op store more than 100 years ago was described by local historian Bill Myers in a talk to members of the village Women’s Institute.

Loco built for Barrow shipyard enjoys retirement in Oz


A POSSIBLY unique locomotive link with Australia was spotted on holiday by Barrow reader Robin Reginald Beck.

Walking back in time to world of Cumbria iron pits


MORE than 30 members of the Cumbria Industrial History Society took a walk back in time at Lindal.

Jumping aboard Barrow trams


IT is hard to imagine the streets of Barrow being crossed by horse buses and trams but that world has been brought back to life in a new book by Harry Postlethwaite.

Old Barrow school making way for a new era


MANY Barrow schools have changed names, or changed sites, over the years and it is easy to forget some of the earlier versions.

Barrow shipyard workers light up the darkness


It’s pretty unlikely that you ever see an industrial panorama like this in Barrow again.

Artistic tour of the past

Mems/001.jpg A TREASURE trove of original artwork showing South Cumbria’s villages, public buildings and grand country homes is being sold at auction later this month.

Pictures show Barrow shipyard workers having fun


HOURS were long and holidays few at the Vickers shipyard and engineering works around 100 years ago.

Millom Ironworks CD

A0449413 A new picture cd from the Evening Mail featuring 190 images of Millom Ironworks through the decades. It includes views of the buildings dating from the Victorian era through to closure in September 1968.

Click here to view a selection of images from the CD
Click here to order your copy

Hodbarrow Mines CD

A0449412 A new picture cd from the Evening Mail featuring almost 150 views of the famous Hodbarrow Mines which raised 25 million tons of heamatite iron ore until the last pit at Moorbank was closed at the end of March in 1968.
Click here to view a selection of images from the CD
Click here to order your copy

Mystery negatives all of historic mansion


A LOFT discovery of old and mysterious images taken from glass negatives featured on the July 6 Memories Page.

Click here to visit our Memories archive

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