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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

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Day-long wait for information on Barrow maternity crisis

THE public has spent today facing an agonising wait for information on the ongoing crisis surrounding maternity services in Barrow.

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Too many managers on inflated salaries. NOT NEEDED OR WANTED IN OUR NHS.

Posted by too many chiefs on 5 February 2013 at 23:16

What about the other services that have gone in the last week and the cutting of frontline staff hours and numbers. Lancaster's management are doing everything they can to shut Furness General Hospital. You would not believe the differences in staffing with Lancaster getting the lion's share at the expense of Furness General.

Posted by its just the beginning on 5 February 2013 at 23:14

I have to say the front line staff at both hospitals have done a great job under a difficult time

Our baby was the last to be moved out on monday night from furness to lancaster after waiting 8hrs for a ambulance from manchester,

Thanks to all the front line teams

Posted by simon on 5 February 2013 at 19:43

At the start of 1992 I spent the first month of my life in the special care baby unit at FGH. Without that service I probably wouldn't be here. It must stay in Barrow, it's hard enough getting off the peninsula at the best of times!

Posted by cragrat on 5 February 2013 at 18:44

I cannot believe what I have just read! I assumed the enquiry into the failings of the F.G.H. unit was to implement improvements not create a shambles. These pregnant women cannot and should not be expected to travel to Lancaster whilst in labour, it is a tragedy waiting to happen. I give a regular donation to Charities aiding the Third World and any Disaster Appeals in the hope it will prevent people being treated in this way and all the time it will be happening on my own doorstep. Overseas Aid has just been increased - which I agree with but not at the cost of peoples lives put at risk in this Country. It is a total shambles and I propose that at the first tragedy whoever is responsible for pushing this through should be on a murder charge as all the warnings are there. I am a Christian and when I see Members of this Goverment attending Church Services I cannot comprehend their hypocrisy and their lack of compassion towards unemployed, homeless, sick and disabled.

Posted by Annie on 5 February 2013 at 16:55

This is not only unacceptable but unprofessional. Services for women due to deliver their babies in the next few weeks should not be diverted as such short notice. Obviously no consideration for the well being of these women and their babies. This is a cover up for a plan made months ago, the trust needs midwives yet rather than employing them for FGH this week newly employed midwives taken on in december are starting at Lancaster. Sudden crisis yet extra midwives are already in place at Lancaster....

Posted by Natalie on 5 February 2013 at 16:50

Last night I spoke to a heavily pregnant friend who lives in the south. I told her all about what is happening with our maternity services and she said, "Oh my God, I am so glad I don't have to give birth where you live, I would be terrified!". That sums it up for me. I have so much sympathy for women like Carly, who commented below. I cannot believe the risks UMBHT are taking with the lives of mothers and babies. Not just physically, but mentally. To put this much pressure on women who are due to give birth is abhorrent.

Posted by Jenny on 5 February 2013 at 16:24

The point is finally hitting home here, a lot of years ago the hospital merged with Lancaster to become a TRUST, one by one services have been taken away and this is continuing under the radar of the general public and has done so for a long time, more departmental managers are based in Lancaster and it was the beginning of the end for FGH, said it then and will still say it now!!

Posted by Len Jones on 5 February 2013 at 15:30

Dave Jackson - Regarding your comment, we have not forgotten these services. Our reporter is in contact with the trust trying to get information about this situation, but we are being told that the trust has to deal with the maternity services situation primarily, before dealing with these queries. We are however, continuing to pursue them as best we can.

Posted by NWEM on 5 February 2013 at 14:43

At last a voice of reason, Thank you Dave Jackson, every budding politician plus & MP & there spouse, are jumping on a very emotive Band Waggon, Yes there is No doubt we need to stop the rot for the Maternity Unit being moved, but for gods sake, there are so many other worthy Health problems, that Need addressing, we all have to look at the real picture here, the NHS is in serious meltdown,especially at the FGH, please dont let politicians play games with peoples lives, by Cherry Picking hot topics, make sure they know about All the suffering our Community is having to put up with? this is the 2nd time I have tried to raise this in this column, lets see if there is any real Interest? but thanks Dave anyway for bringing this up!

Posted by Wally. on 5 February 2013 at 14:34

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