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Thursday, 02 July 2015

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Keep out of our windfarm debate

THERE are many modern blots on our landscape: solar panels on roofs, ludicrous amounts of signs on our streets, bollards littering town centres, and soulless out-of-town shopping centres, to name but a few.

Louise Allonby
Louise Allonby

But far and away the worst blot on our green and pleasant land is the growing army of wind turbines which appear to be marching relentlessly across the land.

There was celebration in my house last week, when energy minister John Hayes announced that the government no longer supported the “extraordinary” amount of wind farms in Britain.

That celebration was premature, as energy secretary Ed Davey heaped confusion on the situation by making a counter-announcement to the effect that, actually, the government is in favour of them, after all. Confused? You should be.

Which of them is right, I don’t know, but I sincerely hope that Mr Hayes’s version of events carries the day.

Wind turbines are such ugly monstrosities that it is hard to believe so many people so passionately support their proliferation.

They are visible all over the area where I live.

The magnificent views from Askam beach are seriously blighted by the ranks of wind turbines on the hills and out at sea – many of which on any given day (and often despite blustery weather conditions) will be standing motionless and thus, presumably, producing no energy, renewable or otherwise.

Now we learn that yet more of these hideous things are proposed to be inflicted on the Furness area, this time at Pennington near Ulverston; and at some 300 feet in height, they will be visible for miles around, while they churn away, producing just enough electricity to power someone’s kettle in Ormsgill.

It is to be hoped that the concerns of the people living in the area around this proposed windfarm are given due
consideration, over and above the political lobbying of people wholly unconnected to the Furness area.

For last week it emerged that of the 300 or so letters in support of this new windfarm (an eyebrow-raising statistic at first glance), a significant proportion of them came from people living at the other end of the country – as far away as Brighton in some cases.

Excuse me, but what has a proposed windfarm in Pennington got to do with someone living in Brighton?

The answer to that, of course, is that the whole issue of renewable energy has become far too political. There are vested interests galore; and these often override the wishes of the people who are most affected by the modern obsession with wind farms.

People daring to speak out against this controversial form of energy are dismissed as a climate change deniers who don’t care about the planet and would be happy to see polar bears dying in their thousands.

Most of them aren’t, of course. But sadly, their voices are all too often drowned out by the hot air of the windfarm fanatics.

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To Be or Not To Be !! . . whether its nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. . .etc etc

A choice of two apparently. 1. Renewable energy and enjoy clean fresh air? or 2. We carry on with gas, oil and nuclear and face an uncertain future as far as health and environment are concerned? I'd to love to enjoy a green and pleasant land to live in and look at, but the tough choice has to be made about the balance that has to be struck regarding the very air that we breath and water we drink - "Global Warming and Acid Rain" - are no longer cliches but realities we have to face if we carry on as we are in polluting our atmosphere. Wind, Solar and Tidal are sources of energy vital to us if we are to maintain that balance to guarrantee our continuous exsistence on Planet Earth.

Posted by Matt on 14 November 2012 at 13:38

Instead of wasteing large amounts of money on subsidies for these eyesores of wind turbines which only produce power for approx 30% of the time , it is about time this country took a serious look at tidal power, which is green(no CO2) does not leave masses of waste and works 24/7

Posted by Seagull on 12 November 2012 at 18:11

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