Vitamin D - why it's so important and where to find it

10 February 2016 8:32AM

VITAMIN D is one of the most important things for healthy bones and teeth and it is especially integral for children who are still growing. You may have heard of the condition rickets, which is caused by a deficiency of vitamin D.

Our main source of vitamin D is from the sun, so it is difficult to get enough of it during the winter months. Especially if you live in the UK.

Vitamin D has been in the national news this week because US researchers have developed a new sun cream that protects you from harmful UV rays but still allows the body to absorb vitamin D. With normal sun creams, vitamin D absorption is limited. This new breakthrough could mean that our skin would be protected in fine weather but we would still benefit from a healthy dose of vitamin D.

If you want to get your vitamin D quota during the winter months the best way to go about it is by incorporating it in to your diet. 

These are a few foods that are rich in vitamin D and how to incorporate them in to your diet:

- Cod liver oil. Best taken in capsule form every morning with breakfast. Alternatively, all sorts of oily fish are high in vitamin D too.

- Portobello mushrooms. Try adding mushroom to your bolognese or carbonara pasta sauces for your evening meal.

-Eggs. Apparently they contain the most Vitamin D when they are hard boiled, so add them to your salad at lunchtime for an extra filling protein hit.

- Caviar. Possibly a little pricey if you're looking to boost your daily intake of vitamin D, but nonetheless one of the foods richest in the supplement.

- Soy milk. This dairy substitute is high in vitamin D and is great on cereal or in porridge for people who struggle with digesting dairy.

- Beef liver. It might not sound like the most appetising source of Vitamin D, however, it can be whipped into a pretty delicious pate when blended with cream, Armagnac, gruyère cheese, butter and garlic in a food processor.

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