UPDATE: Flood alerts in place across Cumbria lifted

13 September 2017 1:17PM

A flood warning and several flood alerts that were place across Cumbria this morning following a night of heavy rain have been lifted.

The county was under the grip of the tail-end of Storm Aileen as it worked its way over the country, with a yellow weather warning for wind and rain issued overnight.

A flood warning - meaning flooding is expected and people should take action - was in place at Keswick Campsite - but has now been lifted.

Several flood alerts that were also in place across the South of the county have been lifted this afternoon.

They were:

  • Lower River Eden.
  • Middle River Eden.
  • Rivers Caldew and Petteril.
  • Rivers Cocker, Marron and Derwent.
  • Rivers Ehen, Calder, Irt and Esk.
  • Upper River Derwent, Stonethwaite Beck and Derwent Water.

The Environment issued early warnings last night to residents in the affected areas signed up to a flood alert scheme.

Drivers have been urged to take extra care with standing water in place on many roads across the county.

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