Sellafield launch supply chain 'game changer'

Project: Steve Livingstone, Sellafield Ltd director of major projects
Project: Steve Livingstone, Sellafield Ltd director of major projects
24 April 2017 9:57AM

SELLAFIELD is looking for four partners to work on delivering projects at the west Cumbrian site over the next 20 years.

The programme and project partners model is set to be launched this week when interested parties will attend an industry day.

This process has been described as a "game changer" by Sellafield's management.

Projects director for Sellafield, Steve Livingstone, said: “This is a hugely important step for Sellafield Ltd – it is a game change for the way we deal with our supply chain.

“Instead of procuring supply chains for each major project, we’ll establish a new project delivery environment based upon long-term relationships with selected partners, developing closer working practices on the way.

“The new model will ensure our projects, while maintaining our excellent safety performance, will be delivered faster, meaning Sellafield is made safer more quickly.”

Sellafield’s decommissioning programme requires a complex portfolio of major projects stretching over many decades. Sellafield have said the model has been designed to help deliver the next 20 years of this safely, efficiently and cost effectively, through more collaborative and sustainable ways of working.

The event will be hosted by Sellafield on Friday.

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