NuGen chief executive is '110 per cent' sure about Moorside

5 May 2017 7:08AM

THE man in charge of bringing a nuclear new build to Cumbria says he's "110 per cent" sure the project will go ahead.

Tom Samson, chief executive of NuGen which has plans for a power plant at Moorside, near Sellafield, made the comments to Copeland's mayor Mike Starkie.

This week NuGen confirmed it was "reviewing its options" at the site - prompting concerns that the entire project could be mothballed.

It followed news that troubled Japanese giant Toshiba, which already has a 60 per cent stake in NuGen and has reported multi-billion pound losses, will become its sole owner.

Mr Starkie said: "I have spoken with Tom Samson and I have had a frank and honest discussion with him.

"I am reassured that the reasoning behind the strategic review is to ensure that the Moorside project is on the right track and the commitment to its delivery assured.

"UK Government support for the project was affirmed by the Prime Minister very recently and there is no doubt in my mind that the result of this strategic review will ultimately result in a stronger more sustainable project."

He added: "When I asked Tom Samson if he was 100 per cent confident that the Moorside project would go ahead, his response was no not 100% per cent - but 110 per cent."

In a statement, a Toshiba spokeswoman said: "Toshiba is supporting NuGen in its undertaking of a strategic review of its options towards a positive continuation of the Moorside project.

"We cannot comment further at this time on its details.With regard to Toshiba’s involvement of the project, no details have been decided yet, but we would like to explore alternatives, including sales of the shares, while carefully monitoring the situation, in consultation with other stakeholders including the British Government."

Mr Samson has reportedly said Nugen is looking at various new options for investment but did not disclose what these were.

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Angela   thompson , Workington Monday, 03 July, 2017 at 11:14AM
It will be great when this ridiculous project is officially scrapped and the big dark cloud that the people of Cumbria are living under is lifted. It will only benefit the few who are set to make a lot of money from the taxpayer whilst the rest of us will have to live with the consequences of a Chernobyl / Fukishima / three mile island on our doorstep.
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