Moorside reactor supplier develops 'accident tolerant' fuel

Hazard: A radiation warning sign
Hazard: A radiation warning sign
20 June 2017 10:20AM

The company due to supply reactors to Cumbria's proposed nuclear new build has launched a new "accident tolerant" fuel.

Westinghouse Electric has announced this product - EnCore Fuel - has been designed to cope with severe conditions and features an extremely high melting point (2800C or higher) and minimal reaction with water. This will mean in any severe accident it should be unlikely to produce extra heat or hydrogen.

The American firm is due to supply three AP1000 reactors to the proposed power station at Moorside, near Sellafield.

Earlier this year, this product was approved for use in the UK.

“Westinghouse is aggressively pursuing the benefits of accident tolerant fuel for our customers,” said Michele DeWitt, the company's senior vice president, nuclear fuel.

“As the leading supplier of nuclear fuel and components globally, Westinghouse has developed a world-class network of research, design and manufacturing partners."

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