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Friday, 03 July 2015

Work through the bad times with Beeb

THE contract between the BBC and us is something of a complicated, high-falutin thing with charters and trusts, too many chiefs and not enough indians.

EM Anne Pickles
Anne Pickles

I prefer to think of it as a marriage. The for better or worse kind. Not always happy, rarely without its differences, sometimes close to door-slamming fury.

But most of the time it’s better than nothing – and all of the time, it’s better than Phillip Schofield.

So, while many a bitter critic is relishing the idea of the BBC in meltdown, I’d like to throw in mythreepenneth... which is my right as a licence payer and signatory to that contract.

Times are surely tough and we’re going to be stumbling over very rough terrain for some time to come.

Voices will be raised, skeletons will fall from cupboards. But divorce is simply not an option. For better or worse is the deal.

Though we’d all benefit from the BBC being better, sooner rather than later, there’s a strong sense things may well grow worse before storms subside.

What went wrong with the Beeb didn’t start with Newsnight foul-ups, thehumiliating on-air massacre of director general George Entwistle by one of his not so humble hacks John Humphrys, nor did the downhill slide accelerate necessarily when the DG resigned.

Wheels started to wobble and fall off years ago when, for no good reason, the BBC decided to engage in a ratings race with commercial media for the lowest common denominator of audiences.

State funded, come what may, the BBC has no reliance on advertising sales, audience figures or private investment.

We get what we get from thecorporation whether one person loves it or five million hate it. That’s what always led us to trust it.

When it was decided that getting news first – rather than getting it right – was to be a priority; that game shows, sitcoms, unreal reality shows and soaps should beat ITV at its own game, dignity and gravitas left the building.

Maybe now, as restructuring and overhauls are promised, the lessons of latter years will be learned.

The BBC is a valued institution. We own it and behind all the current bluster and blunders, we actually love it.

Like a marriage. Bad patches come and go. The trick is to work through them, remember what was first so special and find it again.

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'which is my right as a licence payer and signatory to that contract.'.

What contract?
I have never signed a contract to be person who pays the BBC a tax to keep going so I have no idea what contract you are referring to.

We do not own the BBC, take a look at it's accounts. It is a mouthpiece for whoever is in government. As current events show it is populated by liars who grow wealthy courtesy of a tax levied under pain of the knock from a Capita salesman/woman and a potential court appearance and £1000 fine.

Sky and ITV et all may also be populated by liars but at least they don't tax and fine us.

Posted by Tony on 15 November 2012 at 08:52

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