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Saturday, 04 July 2015

Glass ceiling was illusion

AS a much younger woman, many moons ago, I suppose I was a bit of a feminist.

EM Anne Pickles
Anne Pickles

Not a banner-carrying, bra-burning, foot-stamping militant, you understand.

But I fancied I might be part of a generation of females able one day to break through that legendary glass ceiling – through which we all gazed ambitiously – and make a difference.

Older and wiser, we – the once driven and excitedly hopeful – now know better. There was no glass ceiling. It was an illusion.

It still is, as the Church of England has just proved.

That ceiling is bricked over solidly and firmly against even a glimpse of what might be possible for a woman of merit.

Top positions, for which women have trained and worked, could never be achieved. Physiology makes it impossible.

Those key roles hadn’t been seen through glass at all. They were pretty paintings, separating reality from fantasy and keeping hopeful women on their toes.

The Church has decided, in its twisted wisdom, that gay, married clergy will be accepted as bishops, so long as they remain celibate.

Women – gay, straight, spinsters of the parish, married, messianic or anything in between – will not. Because they are women.

Justification for the Church’s latest move towards self-destruction is that it must remain true to its traditionalists. They being the old boys who keep their own kind in positions of authority, no doubt. Not even a fake stained glass ceiling here.

This Christian fellowship now feels openly comfortable asking its key leaders, carers, counsellors and preachers of Gospel teachings of equality and honesty to lie about who they are.

Though in a stable, loving, legally recognised relationship; sharing a home, hopes and dreams for a long term future, couples will be asked to promise to stay chaste.

Not only is that a cruel betrayal of what the Church itself endorses as love in marriage, it is blatantly deceitful in its ludicrous attempts to fast track men – any men – to top jobs.

Who’s going to police these arrangements? The Anglican Inquisition? Will hooded spies creep around, peering through bedroom windows in the night?

Of course not. Because none in this now discredited and close to irrelevant Church cares what a man in its midst does or does not do in his private life.

They care only that he keeps a woman from taking his place in public life.

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Being of no religious or spiritualist persuasion myself even I feel you have been aggressive in what appears to be an ill-educated attack. This was not simply a case of ‘keeping the women folk down,’ but more of a continuation of its tradition and values; which of course will and has generated much debate. The article / blog above doesn’t take into consideration both sides of the issue fairly, and aims to paint a somewhat charicature villain of the Church in an attempt to better demonstrate your opinion, which is finally your own opinion.

Posted by James on 15 January 2013 at 10:22

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