Ulverston pupils' sack race for Big Clean campaign

17 July 2017 4:23PM

IT was a real race against time when one group of pupils went on the hunt for any piece of litter they could find in one of their town's most well loved places.

Students in Year Eight at Ulverston Victoria High School take the message seriously about putting all their litter in bins and making sure that they keep their environment free from rubbish.

So when they volunteered to take part in the Mail's Big Clean Campaign, knowing their own school grounds were extremely tidy they decided to target Lightburn Park.

The park is a popular area of Ulverston and used by many people of all ages in the town.

Ulverston Victoria High School citizenship co-ordinator and cover supervisor team leader, Sharon Birch, said the students had a great time and got stuck in to give the the park a proper shake up.

While at first glance thanks to the efforts of council workers there did not seem to be much litter at all, once the students started looking in the hedges around Lightburn their work really began.

Miss Birch said: "They had a great time and after thinking the park looked very clean they found lots of rubbish in the hedges around the park.

"You could tell where they were because the bushes were shaking with students getting stuck into them to pick out the rubbish.

"This is about the third time we have been involved in the Big Clean Campaign and they take it seriously.

"The park is a real beacon in the community and they use it a lot, as do all the community. At the school we stress to the pupils the importance of them being part of that community, but we don't really have to drill it into them about litter because they already know.

"The litter picking efforts really have an effect on them.

"They are very conscious of their surroundings and did a lot of digging about on the day getting all sorts of rubbish.

"They were running about because we gave a prize for the team which collected the most rubbish, so that added to the fun.

"As a school we like to take part in as many community activities as possible and have a good line of communication between the school and people.

"When they are out in the community wearing their school uniform, how they behave is extremely important because people do notice, the good and the bad, and we act on that."

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