Residents report alleged "machete" attack as police seal off residential street

14 September 2017 7:56AM

A police investigation is underway after residents reported that a man was injured in Carlisle by somebody wielding a machete.

A section on Westmorland Street in Denton Holme was cordoned off by police late this afternoon as police began their hunt for clues to what happened - though the force has so far not commented on any alleged offence.

Two women police officers stood guard at the cordon's perimeter.

Residents living nearby told of seeing a man with an injured hand.

He was treated at the scene by paramedics before being taken to hospital.

One man who lives in nearby Teasdale Court told the News & Star: “I heard that there had been some trouble in Westmorland Street so I went out immediately to get my son in.

"There were two lads standing in the street, and one of them had an injured hand.

“It was wrapped in something. You could see the blood.

“It didn't look good. I asked him if he was okay and he said something about somebody coming at him with a machete.”

Another resident – a woman who also lives nearby – said: “We heard some shouting at about 4.30pm. We looked outside and saw a man just standing in the street. The ambulance arrived a short time later.

“We've lived here for three years. It's normally very quiet.

“There's not usually any bother.”

A Cumbria Police spokesman said that no details of what was currently being investigated in Denton Holme were yet available.

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