Pride in Walney surroundings earns Phil Bouquet of the Week

11 August 2017 1:14PM

ONE man's efforts to keep his part of town tidy have not gone unnoticed by two shop workers, who decided to nominate one of their favourite customers for the Mail's Bouquet of the Week. And he certainly deserves it, SUSAN GOODSON writes.

HOLDING down a full time job is just not enough it seems for some people.

Without being asked, they take on extra tasks without expecting anything in return - neither cash nor recognition.

Andrea Simpson and Stacy Baynes see customer Phil Cargan most mornings when he comes in to get his paper from the Bargain Booze shop on Amphritrite Street, Walney.

Recently it came to their attention that while many people are upset at the terrible state of their streets, Phil is one of those citizens actually doing something about it.

Andrea explained: "Stacy and I have noticed that Phil has gone out weeding the streets over the last few weeks. He never mentioned it, but we saw him out with his scrapper and big bin bag.

"He was working on the Promenade the other day and around the church area and we just think he deserves some recognition even though he doesn't want it.

"He feels it wouldn't take much to make the place look better if everyone did just a little bit."

A genuinely embarrassed Phil said: "I have always weeded out the front of my house and then walking down the street a few weeks ago I thought 'just do it'.

"So I weeded a section of the Promenade and I have gone around the post box and the takeaway place.

"It has been on my days off for a couple of hours at a time, but it really wouldn't take much if everyone did a bit.

"I have lived on Walney for 32 years now and I do take pride in my area.

"I have had some nice comments from people especially around the Co-op and when I weeded around the bus stop."

He said that the only thing that stopped him was the rain.

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