Origami boat classes prove plain sailing at Barrow Dock Museum

12 June 2017 2:59PM

CREATIVE minds merged with green-fingers as a town's museum explored the heritage of a country park.

The Dock Museum in Barrow joined forces with the National Trust to teach youngsters about the history of Fell Foot at Newby Bridge.

They were tasked with making their own origami boat, before personalising their creations by decorating them with natural materials collected from the park.

It was also an opportunity for crafters to learn more about the history and heritage of the National Trust site near Windermere.

Victoria Powell, premises manager for the Dock Museum, said the day was another great experience for everyone involved.

She said: "Everyone seemed to really enjoy it and they all went home happy, which is really important to us.

"We had around 60 people attending the workshop so it was a very successful day for us.

"It's always lovely to have the National Trust come over and this is the second workshop they've done. We hope the partnership can continue because it's always good to have interaction with the local area."

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