Enjoying an outing with the Barrow pub regulars

5 January 2017 5:51PM

AT the end of the year we featured the opening in December 1966 of the new Bay Horse pub at Hawcoat – but it wasn’t the only place of that name where you could get a drink in Barrow.

The other Bay Horse was between shops at 120 Dalton Road.

It is known to have served beer from 1862 to 1952.

Between 1874 and 1904 it was owned by Dalton Brewery before being sold to John Wallace for £2,320.

The last landlord at the pub was S. Pritchard.

It was one of the few pubs in Barrow not to be on a street corner and had distinctive stained glass on the front windows spelled out the name of the pub.

Events and outings were arranged for regulars and a picture survives of a group outside the pub ready to leave on a trip in 1938.

The landlord then was Joseph Harold Pritchard who was licensed to sell “Ale, porter and tobacco”.

Many pub outings featured the odd crate of ale stored on the bus and often went to seaside resorts, or to football and rugby league cup finals.

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