Coniston museum hosts landscape exhibition by Cumbrian artist

4 September 2017 6:54PM

THE Ruskin Museum in Coniston is hosting an exhibition of paintings by the Cumbrian artist David William Morris.

The show’s title is Along the lane, across the dale and featured paintings which gather inspiration from landscape subjects within a five-mile radius of the south-east Cumbrian village of Ravenstonedale.

Mr Morris is a former colleague at Kendal’s Abbot Hall Art Gallery with Ruskin Museum curator Vicky Slowe.

His work studies the outward appearance of the landscape with a degree of improvisation which results is a colourful and contemporary look.

He said: “Not quite abstract, more poetic”

“The subjects of the paintings are the result of little encounters with things I see near Ravenstonedale, whether it’s a lane, a big sweep of a hill, a group of cows or the wonderful growths of wild flowers such as meadowsweet or rosebay willow herb.”

He has lived and painted in Ravenstonedale for nearly 30 years along with his wife, the artist Caroline A Metcalfe-Gibson. Together, they run The Scar Gallery.

The exhibition can be seen from September 9 to December 10 and there are further details at

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