Bouquet of the Week: Nursery nurse's caring nature earns family's floral reward

8 September 2017 5:52PM

AS mother to her own two children as well as to those in her care at a nursery, Angela Kernaghan has always been an inspiration to daughters Ashleigh and Rebecca. It led Ashleigh to nominate her mother for the Mail's Bouquet of the Week, SUSAN GOODSON writes

TOTAL dedication to the job and her children is something that comes naturally to Angela Kernaghan as a pre-school practitioner and senior nursery nurse at a local nursery.

Angela is also a wonderful mother in her own home.

When Ashleigh Kernaghan, 18, nominated Angela for Bouquet of the Week she could not praise her enough for making the extra effort for everyone.

Ashleigh wrote: "Mum works at Happy Tots Day Care Nursery in Barrow and I have never met someone more dedicated to their job who constantly goes the extra mile; she is one in a million.

"She always ensures the children have the right skills they need for school, preparing fun activities in her own time for them to enjoy, spending her own wages on toys and items for them. But most of all is how kind and caring she is.

"Recently one of her children from work was in hospital and my mum took the time to go up and visit her and I would just like to give back to her and let her know how much her daughters and the children appreciate her."

Angela, of Broughton Road, Dalton, has been working at Happy Tots for six years and Ashleigh says despite her mother turning 43 today, she is a three-year-old at heart.

She added: "She has always been a single parent and done an amazing job doing both roles.

"On numerous occasions I have come home to her experimenting making homemade play dough, painting on silver foil and even making bird feeders from dried-out orange segments. She has always loved her job and the creative side of it. It is her dream job and she loves every moment of it.

"The home mum I see is loving and caring and works tirelessly to make sure me and my sister have the skills and things we need in life.

"Being a single parent for more than 10 years mum has done a brilliant job of it and proves you don't always need two parents in life who love you, as one is more than enough.

"I can't put into words how much I do love and appreciate my mum and I want her to know that there are loads of people who appreciate the things she does for everyone."

It wasn't easy for Angela when Ashleigh and sister Rebecca, 23, were small to follow her dream of working with children, but her daughters say she has managed it perfectly through hard work. She has taught them that if you set your mind to it, it is possible to achieve what you want in life.

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